Medieval Fancy Dress Costumes

Medieval Fancy Dress Costumes

When it comes to Medieval Fancy Dress costumes there are a number of characters and type of characters that come to mind. There are kings and queens, knights, maidens, peasants, Robin Hood, and a whole range of other characters that we associate with the mediaeval age. You are able to re-enact this special time of British history with a medieval costume.

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Medieval Fancy Dress costumes invoke the memory of many characters, in particular, one that comes up time and time again is, no I wasn’t thinking of King Arthur, but Robin Hood. Robin Hood is one of the first medieval characters to come to mind. Ballads and stories have inspired many movies about Robin Hood. Share in the mystery of that time in a medieval costume.

Relive the time of knights jousting on horseback with a medieval outfit. It will will one special night. You can be a princess or a knight. Those times of myth and legend, when people lived their lives by virtue and honour have never been closer. Venture into the land of nobility, bravery and magic today.

The variety of costumes available is practically endless. Online costume stores have a wide array of clothes belonging to different epochs, to folkloric or historical figures from which to choose. You can be Lady Guinevere, a monk or Royalty.

Medieval costumes readily invoke the memory of British medieval history. When you wear a costume, you will also get a feel for the people that existed around that time in British history. You will be able to recapturing the feel of a time of bravery, nobility, and heroism. The tales of King Arthur and Merlin, not to forget Robin Hood are endlessly retold due to the compelling appeal of the Medieval Age.

Children can also benefit from participation in a medieval fancy dress costumes event. So if you are a teacher or parent, getting them involved in a medieval themed event will help them relate and understand this period of history, as opposed to simply watching Merlin on BBC1. The appeal of history lessons will be reinforced in this way.

Medieval fancy dress costumes greatly enhance the pleasure and variety of costumes at a fancy dress party. Choose a Medieval costume and for one special night you can transform yourself into a brave night or a damsel in distress or a noble king or queen. Or you can be a defender of the poor by robbing the rich, that outlaw Robin Hood and his band of merry men.

Medieval Costumes – Remembering Medieval Britain

When one thinks of medieval costumes and medieval Britain, one of the first persons to come to mind is Robin Hood, the outlaw who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. Who can forget the tale of his dramatic struggle with the Sheriff of Nottingham for the heart of Maid Marian (sometimes spelled Marion), also known as Lady Marian of Leaford.

Many movies have been inspired by the ballads and stories about Robin Hood that are as old as the Middle Ages. But now everybody can experience a little of the romanticism of those times because they can acquire a medieval costume.

The spirit of chivalry and parties where a minstrel sings and recites heroic poems seem to be revived. More and more people find it fun and entertaining to dress up in medieval costumes and go back in time to the romantic times of jousts. At least for a night. Who wouldn’t want to be a princess or a brave knight? Those times of myth and legend, when people lived their lives by virtue and honour have never been closer.

The variety of costumes inspired by, or reproducing the clothes of the medieval lords and ladies is practically endless. Online stores, costume stores, all have a wide array of clothes belonging to different epochs, to folkloric or historical figures from which to choose. You can have a costume of Lady Guinevere, of the above mentioned Maid Marion and Robin Hood, of a medieval henchman or of a monk, or for Halloween – a mad monk. The list can go on.

Medieval costumes can also be a starting point for the rediscovery of British history. By looking at various costumes one can also develop an interest in the people who wore them originally. A model of a costume inspired by a dress of Elizabeth of York may arouse one’s curiosity about the Queen Consort of England too. And by trying to find new models of dresses one has to “dig” into the history of the Middle Ages, thus more and more personalities of those times step into the limelight.

But the ones who can benefit the most from this trend are the children. If you have children or are a teacher, by taking them to a medieval performance you offer them a visual stimulus from which they can relate and understand better the history lessons that they are taught at school. This in turn will make them more interested in the subject.

So, whether you want to try something new for your parties, and want to do something educational and fun for your children, or you just want to feel like a brave nobleman / beautiful princess together with your friends, go to the event in medieval costumes.

So choose a Medieval fancy dress costume and represent one of the actual or mythical characters of ancient times in our history.